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By Ericka Popovich, May 30, 2019

Written by: Madalyn Buursma

“Local historian Jeff Seaver has enjoyed spending time canoeing and exploring the Grand River. Part of his research has been in to the history of the Grand River: the lumber era in the 1800s, the steam boats, the logging camps.

When he heard appropriations had been made to fund the Grand River Waterway Project, a proposal to dredge a 26 mile stretch of the Grand River from Grand Haven to Grand Rapids, he started asking questions and talking with people he knew.

‘Most people were not aware it had moved along as far as it had,’ he said. As he got more people involved, a coalition of concerned people quickly came about, leading to the Friends of the Lower Grand River. ‘Friends of the Lower Grand River is a grassroots coalition of concerned citizens, paddling enthusiasts, anglers, property owners, government officials, parks supporters, university professors, environmental protection organizations, business owners, and taxpayers,’ its website says.”

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