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By Cynthia Price, APR 26, 2019

“Among the many bills passed during the Michigan lame duck session last year, there was a line item in the appropriations budget to expand $2 million for ‘Grand River dredging.’ Later reports said that the dredging enable something called the ‘Grand River Waterway’ and is only part of nearly $3.5 million appropriated.

Touted as economic development that will enrich the area surrounding the 23 miles to be dredged to allow power boats and larger sailboats to traverse the area from Grand Rapids to Eastmanville, the Grand River Waterway turns out to be the project of developer Dan Hibma.

When word got out about the development, downstream people from stay-at-home moms to kayakers to charter captains to environmental experts found much in it that disturbed them.”

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Images were taken from original article.